Happy Almond Day!

Today, the 16th of February, people in the USA celebrate Almond Day. You might be wondering how come a nut ended up having a birthday. Well, it might be time to tell you that almonds are something truly extraordinary. They are not only nuttylicious, but almonds are incredibly healthy and have all sorts of benefits for the organism. Today, almonds are the stars of the show and this article is really all about them. Continue reading “Happy Almond Day!”

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A therapeutic way to use chalkboard labels

Unfortunately, we fail to understand just how wonderful we truly are. The problems and stress we stumble upon every day prevent us from seeing ourselves as we are. We fail to see that we are beautiful, amazing, free, alive, brave and ready for any challenge. Continue reading “A therapeutic way to use chalkboard labels”

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Chalkboard Labels for Jam Jars!

It’s strawberry season again! Have you tried growing your own strawberries? These fruits symbolize hope and good time ahead.

If you’re not already a fan of strawberries, you should be. Not only that these fruits are delicious, but they offer a wide range of health benefits. Sometimes we are thinking that it’s complicated to prepare strawberries jam at home, but making jam is actually pretty easy once you have your jars ready. Get creative and use the elegant vinyl chalkboard labels for each different jar. It’s absolutely amazing how easy you can surprise your family with these original chalkboard stickers and a delicious strawberry jam recipe. Continue reading “Chalkboard Labels for Jam Jars!”

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How to organize your kitchen pantry with Chalkboard Labels

The kitchen pantry is your main source of storage food items that you use the most, so is very important to keep it clean and organized.

You’ve been thinking about this for a while, but you don’t know how to do it? No problem, the Kitchen Supreme Chalkboard Labels are here to help you. You can stick them on jars, bottles, casseroles and other stuff around the kitchen

With these Chalkboard Labels organizing your kitchen pantry is easier than you think.

The first step is to get everything out of your pantry in order to see what you have there. Separate them into four categories, stick a chalkboard label on each one of them and write important information on every label with a Liquid Chalk Marker, which by the way you will receive it for FREE when you get the Kitchen Supreme Chalkboard Labels.

For example, you can start to categorize your products by the expiring date or you can separate the ones you use every day from the ones you don’t use so frequently, etc.

Another important step is to think about how to use the space in your pantry and create specific zones. That means specific areas for jam jars, cookie jars, seed and nut jars, pickle jars. To be easier, you can personalize these areas with a chalkboard sticker and if you change your mind, just wipe off the writing, remove the labels and stick them in another place.

Arrange items in your pantry by category not by size, this will help you a lot when you want to cook something fast. Also, it’s easier to reach the products you need and to put back after you use. For example the olive bottles vary in height and width, but now when you want to prepare a salad everything you need is occupying the same space.

Sometimes it’s difficult to organize your panty but with the Chalkboard Labels you’ll get some original and inspiring ideas and all the work will become fun and easy. Just use your creativity!


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