Healthy meals for healthy, happy people

Sometimes, the simple things in life are the most exciting and rewarding of all. They are the ones that make cooking such a lovely and satisfying habit. Since we believe in our product, the spiral slicer, we thought that a simple recipe, which can be quickly prepared, would prove exactly how helpful this kitchen gadget is. Continue reading “Healthy meals for healthy, happy people”

So, about that kitchen…

These days, almost everyone loves cooking. It has become, in most cases, more of a passion than anything else. When hiding away in the kitchen, chefs, men and women, find themselves, find creativity. They discover a new world of sensations and aromas and for some reason, rather obvious if you were to ask a food lover, once they enter this world, they find it very difficult to come out of it. Continue reading “So, about that kitchen…”

Cooking with love: Couple’s Day menu

Today is about celebrating love! Everything you do must be motivated by love. Make sure you treat your loved one carefully, considering her or his every need. It might seem strange to do this today of all days, but you don’t have to stop. If this is the way you behave on a regular basis, then continue doing so, because you are doing great. Continue reading “Cooking with love: Couple’s Day menu”

Celebrating National Spouse Day: Be sweet, caring and creative!

Did you know that tomorrow we celebrate Spouse Day? Although you might think that you do not need a special day to celebrate your better half, this does not change things. 26th of January is Spouse Day and you need to be prepared. Here is what we have in mind in terms of preparation. Continue reading “Celebrating National Spouse Day: Be sweet, caring and creative!”

Game Night Star recipe: Crispy Sweet potato Noodles

If you happen to be a fan of board games, then you will most certainly find the following recipe to be extremely helpful. Instead of serving those supermarket chips, you could make your own special treats for guests. Doing so, you will have complete control upon the things your guests are enjoying, as well as you. On top of this, with the Kitchen Supreme veggie Spiralizer, the process is fast and effective. Continue reading “Game Night Star recipe: Crispy Sweet potato Noodles”

Creative exercise: how would you use Chalkboard labels around the house?

An object is only that, an object, nothing more. It does not feel or think. Nor does it find an occupation all by itself. You are the one who pulls the strings, who gives that object meaning and purpose. So, with such freedom on your hands, what you could do is play with the objects received. Given them something to brag about. Chalkboard labels are probably the best example there is. Why? Continue reading “Creative exercise: how would you use Chalkboard labels around the house?”

Carrot Cake muffins: what a delicious and sweet treat!

Vegetables used for making sweets! Where is the chocolate, the jam, the caramel sauce, the marzipan? Who would have thought that the world would come to this? It is amazing what a trustworthy, reliable kitchen gadget can do! Luckily for you, there is the Spiral Slicer and you can easily make use of it when preparing sweets. How, you might ask? Well, here is an example of a delicious recipe that is perfect for mornings, dinner with guests, family gatherings or simply, to enjoy a Wednesday afternoon. These are the tasty Carrot Cake muffins! Continue reading “Carrot Cake muffins: what a delicious and sweet treat!”

A therapeutic way to use chalkboard labels

Unfortunately, we fail to understand just how wonderful we truly are. The problems and stress we stumble upon every day prevent us from seeing ourselves as we are. We fail to see that we are beautiful, amazing, free, alive, brave and ready for any challenge. Continue reading “A therapeutic way to use chalkboard labels”

Calories: can’t live with them, can’t live without them

Often enough we have heard endless discussions on calories, on low carb meals, lose weight strategies that plan to fight off extra calories and so on. There is an ongoing battle that is not even that silent, between mankind and calories, a battle that has turned into an obsession. Unfortunately, not all people understand calories and are rather quick to judge. Therefore, it might be a good idea to first explain the matter and only after draw conclusions. So, here is where our adventure within the world of calories starts. Continue reading “Calories: can’t live with them, can’t live without them”

Sweets for sweets: having fun with the Spiral Slicer

One of the great things about the spiral slicer is that you can use it in so many different ways. Generally speaking, this gadget is perfect for a healthy lifestyle. However, taking a closer a look, you might find that the Spiral Slicer actually has amazing uses, becoming an trustworthy gadget for vegans and vegetarians but at the same time, a fun toy for food lovers. Continue reading “Sweets for sweets: having fun with the Spiral Slicer”