Start the new year with an open heart and a hungry mind!

For many people, New Year’s resolutions are nothing else than a fun tradition, but as soon as the night of fireworks passes, people forget their promises. Without realizing, when closing your heart to the promises made, you are actually giving up on happiness. Change is a big issue, maybe bigger than you thought. People tend to minimalize its importance, simply by saying Tomorrow.. I’ll start tomorrow.. And that tomorrow never comes. Sometimes even the smallest of changes can have a bigger impact than you thought. Continue reading “Start the new year with an open heart and a hungry mind!”

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Coffee & tea rituals: delight or just a habit?

Nowadays, we look upon a cup of coffee as something pretty much ordinary, failing to realize that in some cases we are actually part of complicated rituals, some of which might even have a religious or sacred meaning attached to them. We have been practicing these rituals for such a long time, failing to see their beauty. Sometimes, looking at things from an outside perspective could shade some light upon their beauty. So, today, the topic is simple: coffee and tea rituals, some of which you might be familiar with, but others might come as surprise. Continue reading “Coffee & tea rituals: delight or just a habit?”

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Simple road to delicious scones

By now, you should be familiar with the French Press coffee maker. This gadget is highly appreciated around the world, mostly because it adequately releases those essential oils that give this beverage its savor and well known taste. Also, a good French Press will bring you so much more than aroma. We have taken great care to offering you an experience and not just a cup of coffee. Continue reading “Simple road to delicious scones”

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Why do we drink tea?

From the queen of England to the old fisherman waiting for his bait to catch, tea is heavily savored being an immensely appreciated beverage. And it is a very special one for that matter. With its many aromas and fragrances, each time you pour yourself a cup of tea, you seem to be enjoying a story. It could be a romantic story or one about a battle. It could be plain history that unravels in front of you or just your imagination. Whatever it may be, it’s absolutely delightful. All the stories that tea carries around, especially those that are made with a coffee press could very well be a reason for which people in such a large number savor this beverages. But there cannot be only one. There have to be more reasons and there are. Continue reading “Why do we drink tea?”

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CelebriTEA: Iconic figures who loved their tea

Even though you might find this hard to believe, we drink more tea today than we did a few years back. The battle between coffee and tea lovers is pretty tight. It is really difficult to say who is going to be the big winner. The good thing is that the two of them don’t exclude each other. You can be a heavy coffee drinker and still savor a cup of tea. Plus, when using the Kitchen Supreme French coffee Press, the strong aroma is released, which might make your decision even harder to make. Continue reading “CelebriTEA: Iconic figures who loved their tea”

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How to make your own coffee cellulite scrub with the French Press !

Cellulite seems to be a big problem for many of us, but the good news is that there is something we can do about it. You don’t need to eat special foods or to buy expensive miracle creams to see results. All you have to do is to make every day regular exercises, eat healthier and use a homemade coffee cellulite scrub. After all, everyone hates cellulite and that goes double for women. Continue reading “How to make your own coffee cellulite scrub with the French Press !”

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How to make a delicious Coffee Banana Cooler using the French Press Coffee Maker

Somehow the end of a season always affects us. We start feeling nostalgic, sensitive and lifeless. For this reason, we come up with a new flavored, fruity, fragrant, a refreshing jolt of energy coffee recipe. After tasting the Coffee Banana Cooler I’m sure you will add it to your favorite list.

Banana is one of the high calories, tropical fruits; 100 grams fruit carry 90 calories. It’s a good source of vitamin-B6, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. In general, bananas are reach in high in fiber, and can help you lose weight, overcoming depression, protect your cardiovascular system and prevent cancer. Continue reading “How to make a delicious Coffee Banana Cooler using the French Press Coffee Maker”

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The best Raspberry Coffee Frappe in the World!

In how many ways you can say that something was really tasty? This fantastic combination of coffee and raspberries is sweet, delicate and flavored. The recipe is great for hot weather especially when you want coffee, but not hot coffee, and raspberries have wonderful health benefits.

Red raspberries leaves are famous for their skin-tightening properties and high level of antioxidants, which can slow the aging process. They also reduce allergic reactions, fever and prevented urinary tract infections. Continue reading “The best Raspberry Coffee Frappe in the World!”

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Matcha Coconut Coffee Latte prepared with the French Press!

To start a new week full of energy and vitality, we need to drink something delicious and healthy!

This Matcha Latte is a colorful, delicate yeasty mug of health. Matcha drinkers receive the full nutrition benefits of the whole tea leaf. You will enjoy the high concentration of green tea antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

The French Press is a simple & smart method to prepare this lathery cup of coffee. With the French Press, you will obtain not only a delicious cup of coffee but also a fragrant tea, a hot chocolate, a cold mint/basil lemonade, a colored fruit infusion, a fresh iced tea, creamy nut milk and more. Continue reading “Matcha Coconut Coffee Latte prepared with the French Press!”

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How to make “Paradise Found” with the French Press! 

A good coffee is giving you a warm and filling taste, just like wrapping oneself in a comfortable blanket. And the flavor? Mmmm … a piece of heaven, sweet and fragrant.

We know how pleasant it is to wake up in the morning and delight your senses with the smell of essential oils from coffee beans and the Kitchen Supreme French Press is the best choice if you like to obtain a creamy, delicious, velvety and pure cup of coffee. Also, is perfect to make hot chocolate, lemonades, cashew milk, tea, ice tea for your entire family. Continue reading “How to make “Paradise Found” with the French Press! “

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