The Copper Mug: the latest Kitchen Supreme Family Member

By now, we should have gotten pretty acquainted with each other. By now, you know that we are all about satisfying the needs of our customers. And if you must know a secret, we find pleasure in knowing that our products bring you joy and happiness. In fact, that is what keeps us going. We absolutely love being the bringers of happiness.

This year, we have decided to go that extra mile and search harder than before and find those diamonds hidden in rocks, covered by dust. And so the adventure started! We searched and searched again, looking in each corner of the world, going as far as Russia, only to come back in the sunny LA, to find a long lost treasure.

The Moscow Mule Copper Mug is an absolute delight. With its golden body that sparkles in the warm light of the afternoon sun, its handles that grab your fingers and hold them tight, the hammered appearance, reminding you of lost times, of ancient gods and kings meeting in the green shire, the copper mug is so much more that an item. This is a concept, a dream of heavy snow in Moscow, forgotten in a drop of Vodka, warming you up, a dream of the ultra-fashionable Gin Tonic and of the dark, strong cup of English tea, tamed by fresh milk.

It is a great honor and joy to be able to offer customers much more than products. Kitchen Supreme offers a dream, an idea, the embodiment of some of hidden desires. Made of real copper, which kings recognized on the spot, this cup turns into a little obsession. It is as if you cannot control your fingers and find them wandering through the kitchen looking for the mug. Once you bring the copper mug in the kitchen, curiously, drinks will pop their heads out of their hiding places, coffee beans will tremble, all wanting to get inside. Such a royal bed cannot be denied or forgotten. Your copper mug will become the most desired hiding place in all of the kitchen.

Kitchen Supreme knows how to bring love and this time, love comes wrapped in a black, deluxe box, with precious golden writing, carefully tucked in a copper cup. Love has brought a friend! This time, when opening the Kitchen Supreme bundle, you will see pleasure, sitting comfortably, in the second copper mug!

So, the Kitchen Supreme family welcomes the Copper Mug bundle and hopes the world will hear of their beauty!

The Kitchen Supreme Copper Mugs are made from 100% real copper. The bundle includes two copper straws, two wooden coasters, one shot glass and the Book of Cocktails, where you will find delicious recipes to fascinate guests with.

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