Teaching and educating our way towards a strong and happy future

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. 

 Nelson Mandela

Often we complain about the way our world has ended up looking. We look towards less fortunate people thinking how much they need help and we look towards those powerful nations thinking why more help is not awarded. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be a story on television to make us understand that the world needs to change. It might as well be our next door neighbor making us believe just how much we need the change. But where could you start? Should you go live in Africa, feeding the hungry and treating the sick? Should you give and give until you are left with nothing? What should this change look like? The answer is so much simpler than one might think…

Education, that is all the world needs right now! One word with the power to change an entire world does seem an insufficient solution for the complex problems the world has. Still, this is where we make the mistake, as the world is not complex. Problems are not complex. They are rather simple actually. Then again, education is far from simple. Maybe that is why it is missing at such a large scale.

We, at Kitchen Supreme, have chosen a path and it has very much to do with healthy living. This concept means much more than eating vegetables and fruits and drinking good coffee, even though it might have made our lives easier if it were only these two aspects. Healthy living is all about finding balance. This means bringing together a healthy mind, body and soul.

Our job is to educate, among others, or better said, share. We want to share with you our findings, to educate you in areas in which we ourselves have been educated and show you, through the spiraliser or the labels that change is not impossible to make. We do not mean to sound all knowing. We are only fortunate to have stumbled upon these secrets and to have had ears to tell them to. For this, we thank you.

Education is not a one man process. It always takes at least two, a voice that tells and ears to listen.

Today is National Education and Sharing Day. We want to strengthen our promise, that of sharing with you secrets we hold dear to our hearts, offer you delicious Spiral Slicer recipes and not only, knowing that feeding your body with the right ingredients will help your mind and soul find balance and happiness. After all, is it not what we all want, finding happiness and peace?

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