The power of vegetables: foods that will improve your life

As you might have noticed, we have tried to bring you relevant pieces of information that will transform your life and make it better. That is why we focus on offering multiple recipes that can be easily done, without losing much time, using vegetables, lots of them. The Spiral Slicer is of a great help and has been throughout our entire adventure. Practically all the recipes we have shared with you can be completed using this tool. If you already have the spiralizer at home, by now you should know exactly how simple it can be used. If you are thinking of investing in one, then you might want to hear a few things about the vegetables that can be used with the gadget. You would be surprised of how healthy these veggies are. So, here it goes, our personal selection of three super vegetables that can be used like a charm with the Spiralizer.
Sweet, Sweet potatoes

We are all craving for a snack here and there and carbohydrates are really tasty, but it might be wise, on a long term, to at least stay away from them, as much as you can. Still, the craving is there, so what can you do? Well, simple, why not try sweet potatoes? These are simple to cook, especially if you decide to choose the spiral slicer and are incredibly healthy for your body. Sweet potatoes have Vitamin C, A and lots of Potassium. Remember the sweet potato chip recipe? Just give it a go the next time you are having friends over and you can spoil your taste buds at the same time!

Carrots, Bugs Bunny’s favourite treat

You know how in cartoons rabbits are always chewing on carrots with such joy? Well, if you were to ask nutrition experts they might tell you that you need to do the same! The carrot is such a healthy vegetable! Just you wait and see! When eating carrots, you are actually welcoming Vitamin A and anti-oxidants, Vitamin K and B8, iron potassium, copper, folate and so on. You can prevent cancer, you can even slow down the aging process. Benefits just keep coming and you won’t regret adding carrots to your daily menu.

Zucchinis: kings of vegetables

There have been lots of studies regarding the benefits that zucchinis carry. Apparently these vegetables are amazing when it comes to one’s health, absolutely amazing. Zucchinis have vitamin B1, B2 and B6, potassium, calcium and Omega 3. So, get the spiral slicer out and prepare yourself a tasty salad with some zoodles. You’ll see just how tasty your menu is going to be.



Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer is a trustworthy gadget with sharp blades, perfect for making veggie noodles from almost anything from sweet potatoes to cucumber or squash!

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