Kitchen Supreme – Chef Remi supported kitchen brand

There is nothing that makes our company twitch with pleasure more than seeing that our products are appreciated. Of course our clients matter the most, so when receiving their reviews, we find it even more thrilling and exciting. Seeing just how much a client loved our product makes our day, because we then know that we have done our job right. When designing the Spiral Slicer we thought about everything. The size, the material from which the gadget is made of, the blades that go into the vegetables and the result, all these have been thoroughly analyzed over and over again, until we thought that the overall result was exactly right. Imagine the feeling when a client comes up to us, through reviews of course and tell us just how helpful the product is.

However, if you can believe it, something even better happened. Chef Remi, French by birth, American by residence, is highly appreciated by people who share a deep love for both cooking and kitchen gadgets. Once of the amazing things about this chef is that he believes in using gadgets and instruments to make cooking simpler and faster. That is when Kitchen Supreme came into the picture. Chef Remi saw our products and found them a perfect match for the idea of his brand. The Spiralizer makes great zoodles in record time, which is exactly what Chef Remi is looking for, kitchen gadgets that are time efficient and extremely functional.

Well, long story short, Kitchen Supreme and Chef Remi have started a collaboration and our spiral slicer bundle is now part of the big give-away. Be sure to visit Chef Remi’s website to find out more about this contest and how you can get your hands on the bundle!

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