3 healthy snacks you will absolutely love

Eating healthy is not just chewing on a carrot and when you have been nice and good, you get to eat a whole bowl of salad, with a drop of yogurt dressing. That’s what most people imagine when it comes to healthy eating and probably, this is why most hesitate to change their diet and switch to something that can actually help them live longer and better. Well, it is high time you stopped. It is very important to understand what healthy living and eating is all about and it is crucial you started doing it right. Now, as you might discover along the way, eating healthy can be highly rewarding. The taste can be absolutely amazing, if you know how to obtain it! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a master chef, you just need a spiral slicer, inspiration and curious taste buds! Oh and three amazing snack recipe to get you started.

The spicy Sweet Potato chips!

We might have mentioned this snack before, we admit it. Still, it is by far our favorite movie night treat. Instead of going to the supermarket and coming home with bags and bags of chips, popcorn, candy, nuts of all kinds, we always choose homemade chips. Why? They are healthy, easy to make and absolutely delicious. Plus, you can always make more when you see that the bowl is running empty. It only takes you like 5 minutes. It is an awesome replacement for all those supermarket chips you have no control of when it comes to ingredients. Here’s what you have to do. First, get those sweet potatoes spiralized. With the Spiral Slicer, this task is done in roughly 3 minutes. Now, preheat the oven. Take the tray out and place baking paper over it. Arrange the sweet potatoes noodles on the baking paper. Spray some oil over the noodles, salt and pepper and maybe paprika. Place them in the oven and bake for 15 -20 minutes.

Zucchini pancakes! Mhmm!

Ok, so let’s say it’s Sunday morning and you are thinking of preparing breakfast. You are in the mood for pancakes, but you feel like you had enough! This Sunday morning you want to eat something light, something healthy. Here is just the recipe for you! No more maple syrup, no more whipped cream and jam! Start your day with a shoot of vitamins! Quickly grab a zucchini, prepare the spiralizer and start noodling! In a bowl, mix the zoodles with two eggs, one chopped onion and sesame oil. Of course be sure to add flavor, you know salt, pepper, maybe some herbs, your call! Now, add a cup of flour. Start mixing those ingredients and with a ladle, extract the content of a pancake. Now, put the content into the frying pan and let it cook. It shouldn’t take long! If someone asks you what you had for breakfast, you can tell them you had Hutazi. So enjoy!

A big bowl of pasta!

Just because your diet is based mostly on vegetables is certainly does not mean you should give up on pasta! You needn’t worry about gluten or carbs, because you have zoodles close to you! Get your fork ready and start singing Italian songs! They taste better this way! So, prepare the pasta. Take out the spiralizer and get those zoodes ready for takeoff. Now, think about what kind of sauce you would like to serve with your pasta. Should it be cheesy or tomato based? Not to influence you, but we do think cheesy is better. So, here is what you need. Start with the zoodles. Once you have them, boil them. Remember, no regrets! When they are ready, taken them out let them cool off in a colander. Take them out and place on a paper towel. Add another one on the top and press yourself a bit on it. Let all the water come out.

In a pot, add mozzarella and parmesan. They need to melt down and create a sauce. There is no point o discussing quantities when it comes to cheese. Place the zoodle in the pot with the cheese and add Yogurt, preferably Greek yogurt to give you pasta that aspect you are so familiar with. That’s it! The recipe is done. Healthy, easy to make and absolutely delicious, exactly how a bowl of pasta should be.

Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer is a trustworthy gadget with sharp blades, perfect for making veggie noodles from almost anything from sweet potatoes to cucumber or squash!

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