Labels, your partner in crime: getting ready for Valentine’s Day

Everyone needs a bit of romance to get through the nerves and stress of most days. You might not be that person who believes in love stories and soul mates but have you noticed what a pleasant feeling it is to know that someone cares for you? It becomes magic when you, yourself are in love with that person! Now that Valentine’s Day is on its way, you can almost feel the love in the air. It is sort of a rule to give back
some of that love you noticed flying around. Flowers, chocolate, red balloons, shaped like a heart, these are all swell for the big day, but have you thought about paving the road? Maybe give love a hand, not that it might need it, but because it feels amazing. To make things simpler for you, here is the partner you need to get close to! Chalkboard labels are perfect for the job and it’s not because we say so, but because they actually are.

You could create love mazes and get lost with your partner within this amazing feeling. They are simple to use and really bring out the creativity in you. Just let us show you how. What are chalkboard labels? They are small stickers that can be placed on any surface, with plenty of space to write on and with a vintage, romantic aspect. Basically, just from the product description you have all the necessary ingredients to make your romantic plan work, fast and easy. Looking for a few suggestions? Here is what we had in mind.

Four days until Valentine’s Day, that’s all you have to get the mood going and welcome love in your home. If you want to offer your partner perfect mornings, then go ahead and decorate your home with labels, carefully guarding wonderful, sweet messages of love. Tell the person you love just how special she is, why you feel so strongly about her, talk about her beauty. Make her feel she is only one for you and the moment she smiles, she can light up the entire world. Every day, surprise her with sweet messages!

Let labels carry your feelings. Place them on walls, on the furniture, on doors, mugs and even jars. You can take them outside of your home and make her take your love at work. How, you might ask? With these vinyl stickers of course! It is so simple and the effect is strong!

Here is another thought! Create a happy jar. Label it as such and inside, place those happy stories that make you love your partner! Maybe it was that time when you saw her trying to bake a pie for the first time or maybe the trip to Paris! Speak of your most precious moments and don’t leave out anything!Make her feel special, but do so in a creative manner! This year for Valentine’s Day, you could celebrate this amazing feeling you are sharing and enjoy each moment to the fullest! Love will light up with life and chalkboard labels, make everything so simple!

Kitchen Supreme offers the 73 Chalkboard label pack, containing vinyl stickers of various sizes and designs, fit for all sorts of projects.

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