The power of vegetables: foods that will improve your life

As you might have noticed, we have tried to bring you relevant pieces of information that will transform your life and make it better. That is why we focus on offering multiple recipes that can be easily done, without losing much time, using vegetables, lots of them. The Spiral Slicer is of a great help and has been throughout our entire adventure. Continue reading “The power of vegetables: foods that will improve your life”

Great idea for wedding photography using chalkboard labels

So, the big moment has arrived and you need to start planning the big party. This is tough moment and everyone knows it, especially if you have to tackle with this issue all by yourself. Still, if you put things in order, you should be able to get things right and the party is going to be a hit. Still, how exactly do you do that? Continue reading “Great idea for wedding photography using chalkboard labels”

Kitchen Supreme – Chef Remi supported kitchen brand

There is nothing that makes our company twitch with pleasure more than seeing that our products are appreciated. Of course our clients matter the most, so when receiving their reviews, we find it even more thrilling and exciting. Seeing just how much a client loved our product makes our day, because we then know that we have done our job right. Continue reading “Kitchen Supreme – Chef Remi supported kitchen brand”

3 healthy snacks you will absolutely love

Eating healthy is not just chewing on a carrot and when you have been nice and good, you get to eat a whole bowl of salad, with a drop of yogurt dressing. That’s what most people imagine when it comes to healthy eating and probably, this is why most hesitate to change their diet and switch to something that can actually help them live longer and better. Continue reading “3 healthy snacks you will absolutely love”

Happy Almond Day!

Today, the 16th of February, people in the USA celebrate Almond Day. You might be wondering how come a nut ended up having a birthday. Well, it might be time to tell you that almonds are something truly extraordinary. They are not only nuttylicious, but almonds are incredibly healthy and have all sorts of benefits for the organism. Today, almonds are the stars of the show and this article is really all about them. Continue reading “Happy Almond Day!”

Let’s talk love: Delicious pleasures on Valentine’s Day

Once a year, the entire world twitches with love. In all corners of the globe, the 14th of February, although an American celebration, is now a perfectly good reason to let loose all those heart shaped balloons, Italian songs of love and romantic pasta dishes. The scent of vanilla, strawberry and cinnamon should take over your senses, allowing you to let go and feel the wondrous feeling of love that is so specific for this great day. Continue reading “Let’s talk love: Delicious pleasures on Valentine’s Day”

Labels, your partner in crime: getting ready for Valentine’s Day

Everyone needs a bit of romance to get through the nerves and stress of most days. You might not be that person who believes in love stories and soul mates but have you noticed what a pleasant feeling it is to know that someone cares for you? It becomes magic when you, yourself are in love with that person! Continue reading “Labels, your partner in crime: getting ready for Valentine’s Day”

The recipe book: a collection of delicious thoughts

People are often drawn to the kitchen for basic needs or maybe for more complex ones, like preparing an interesting, delicious dish. But what happens when you have no experience whatsoever? How do you know what you need to cook? How can you imagine a dish and know that it is going to taste amazing? That is when the recipe steps in and saves the day. Continue reading “The recipe book: a collection of delicious thoughts”

Healthy meals for healthy, happy people

Sometimes, the simple things in life are the most exciting and rewarding of all. They are the ones that make cooking such a lovely and satisfying habit. Since we believe in our product, the spiral slicer, we thought that a simple recipe, which can be quickly prepared, would prove exactly how helpful this kitchen gadget is. Continue reading “Healthy meals for healthy, happy people”

So, about that kitchen…

These days, almost everyone loves cooking. It has become, in most cases, more of a passion than anything else. When hiding away in the kitchen, chefs, men and women, find themselves, find creativity. They discover a new world of sensations and aromas and for some reason, rather obvious if you were to ask a food lover, once they enter this world, they find it very difficult to come out of it. Continue reading “So, about that kitchen…”